Fitness Trackers – Is It Necessary To Track Your Fitness Progress?

Today, it is necessary to monitor your fitness activities and health progress and it is very easy to track with the help of Fitness Trackers or Wearable Devices without effort.

Most of the tracking device in the market keep tabs on your workouts, heart and pulse rate, stress and everything related to your activities with 100% accuracy.

  • What is Wearable Devices or Fitness Tracker?

Wearable Devices is a part of electronics technology devices that can be worn by Fitness lovers to track information related to health and fitness.It is very necessary and very easy to track your day by day progress of your health by using Wearable Devices.

  • How Wearable Devices or Fitness Trackers do work?

Wearable Devices are designed with many types of high quality sensors which monitor various activities in the area near by you. Most sensors can sense motion, heart activity, brain activity and muscles activity.

  • Some Fitness Trackers

There are various types of wearable devices available in the market but here only, we are talking about wearable devices related to health and fitness activities. Some useful fitness trackers available at very attractive price are given below:

1- GOQII VITAL 2.0 Activity Tracker With BP monitor
The ‘Exercise Mode’ on the new GOQii tracker enables you to track and monitor your steps, heart rate and time duration of your activities.Track exercise real time along with exercise duration, pace, heart rate and track your route using Phone GPS. It also reads your blood pressure.

GOQII VITAL 2.0 Activity Tracker

Price: ₹3490

Deal price: ₹1999 ( 43 % Off)

See Full specification

2- FORZ PRO Smart Band Fitness Tracker

This waterproof Fitness tracker is used to track and monitor Time, Pedometer, Distance, Calories, Sleep, Alarm Clock, Camera remote, Heart rate by PPG sensor.

FORZ PRO Smart Band Fitness Tracker

Price: ₹1999

Deal Price: ₹529 ( 74% Off)

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3- Honor Band 4 Running (Green/Grey)
This band makes sure your every step is taken into account and recorded accurately. The increased processing power of the new six-axis sensor, coupled with Foot Mode and the upgraded running posture monitoring , raises the accuracy of running distance measured to over 95%. * The accuracy of the fitness data recorded can reach up to 95% even when GPS is not enabled. The data is generated from tests conducted while running on a treadmill in HONOR lab.

Honor Band 4 Running ( Green/Grey)

Price: ₹1999

Deal Price: ₹ 1599 (20% Off)

Check full specification

4- Goofy M3 Smart watch fitness tracker
If you’re a fitness freak and love keeping a track of the calories burnt, sleep cycle, and heart rate, and then the M3 Smart Band is what you need. This smart band works as a heart rate tracker, fitness watch, and an activity tracker

GOOFY M3 Smart watch Fitness Tracker

Price: ₹699

Deal Price: ₹ 625 ( 11%Off)

see full specification

Fitness lovers track their health and fitness progress by using these type of Fitness trackers. I don’t say that you must need these devices to keep fit yourself and your fitness progress but at present,I think that it is necessary to go with latest technology to track your progress. You can track your progress with Fitness trackers very easily. Please do your comments on using Fitness Trackers.

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