Smoking Addiction – Say No with Strong Willpower

When we came into this world, there were empty hands. There was no burden on the mind in childhood, no complaints from the child. There was lightness in life, it seemed that spreading hands would flutter slightly with feathers, fly away. Gradually began to grow in the burden … and also of mind. As all […]

Celebrating ‘Mother Day’ -Take Care Of Her Health

The word ‘Mom’ is known for the love and care. By taking care of the mother’s health, she can be realized that she is very special for her family, and in order to avoid problems and diseases due to hormonal changes, change in a balanced diet and lifestyle is necessary. Tips which keep your mom […]

Upper Bodyweight Training Exercises

Hello friends, Most people rarely think of bodyweight exercise as a way of building muscles. You are most likely to get people talking about heavy weight lifting. True, these activities might help you become muscular but they require some workout experience and a lot of equipment. Well, you really don’t need equipment to build muscles. […]

Be Cautious From Side Effects Of Sleeping Pills

Hello friends, In this busy lifestyles, it is necessary to give rest your body and mind both. Sleeping is the best way to take rest for body and mind. Everyone should sleep for 6- 8 hrs to fresh your mind and your eyes also. Some people take ‘sleeping pills‘ to sleep but it can be […]

Abs & Core-Complete Bodyweight Training Exercises

Hello Friends, Let us now look at exercises that focus on your abs and core: Planks Planks are one of the most effective bodyweight exercises because the entire body is fully engaged during the process. The more you can hold the better. Planks develop strong core, which helps in all your exercises. To perform a […]

How To Get Your Body Shape Such as An ‘Athlete’

Hello friends, Nowadays boys and girls take zyming and special diets for fitness. But do not get a better result causing not taking the diet properly. According to physical activity for body shape such as athlete, know how to be your diets and what precautions should be taken in the exercise. Young people are sweating […]

World Laughter Day Special – How to do Laughter Yoga?

Laughing for 15 minutes gives you Energy all day Laughter yoga is the best way to relieve stress. It is also useful for good health. Laughter Yoga was started by Dr. Madan Kataria in India in 1995. World Laughter Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year. In a busy lifestyle, people […]

Easy Routine to Keep Yourself Healthy and Energetic

morning walk(5 to 6 am)- Wake up early in the morning. Walk for half an hour regularly. Take one glass lemon-water or warm water before walking. Break-Fast(7 to 8 am)- Take healthy break fast before going school or office. Add 4-5 almonds, sprouted grains and oat with milk in your break fast. Before Lunch(10 to […]

Free Your Mind Before Bed

For better sleep, it is important to free your mind from stress. There are some effective tips that can be used to have stress free before bed: Avoid any serious discussion or decision making two-three hours before sleep. You can do little breathing exercise. Block your right nostril with the right thumb and have some […]

Don’t Think That Success Is Equal To Rich

What you mean by the word ‘success’. If you mean ‘to have lots of money’ then that is fine, but if you are not clear about this then you will not know if you have achieved your goals. Likewise, you may realize that you are successful according to many definitions of success, but that this […]

Are You Really Weak? – Absolute Awareness

In fact, you are not. You do have that strength but you do not use it. So, go for it, use it and break the greatest obstacles. The Absolute Awareness State is here. Already reached the peak of the mountain after so much effort and now it is time to rest. When the physical body […]

Cooling Down (Warm Out) After your Workouts

Your workout is not complete without a warm out. In fact, it is as important as the actual workout and the warm-up. After an intense workout, your muscles are tired and sore; they need to be cooled down. Why is this important? Cooling down helps reduce the level of lactic acid that build up during […]

Avoid Caffeine After 4 pm

Do you have a habit of drinking coffee or tea? Well most people have this habit and if they were asked to stop it for sure lot of them would refuse it. However, there is a direct relationship between the sleep and the caffeine which is a natural substance. It promotes alertness and keeps you […]

You Must Switch Off All Electronics Devices Before SLEEP

As living persons in the twenty first century no wonder we need to live with our electronic devices, phones, TVs, radios, laptops and other electronics devices. We should live with them. But do you know there is direct scientific relationship between the sleep and the blue light of the electronic devices. The light sensitive part […]

Body Posture- Instant Alignment Techniques

Follow these primary alignment steps as a routine: Toes In, Heels Out – Stand with the outer edges of your feet parallel to each other. Knees Unlocked – Keep your knees soft and do not push them behind. Hip Clench – Bring a gentle tone to your hips by squeezing them mildly. Navel In – […]

Stretch Your Body And Your Mind

For a positive and cheerful outlook at work, remember to be kind to the neck and the spine. Encourage the movements they are designed for. This may keep even the Monday morning blues at bay. Sometimes a grumpy, irritable, frowning attitude may be due to low-intensity discomfort in the neck region. It is recommended that […]

Fit And Healthy tips you follow everyday

Move your body everyday of the week and remember to think movement not just exercise… be active everyday. Thoughts are powerful; pay attention to yours. Do you encourage yourself with positivity or hold yourself back with negativity? Shift toward positive thoughts. Eat foods that are closest to their natural state as possible. Eat whole, fresh […]

Health and Fitness Parameters

Let’s assume that there was a workout school out there that you could attend; you’d be taught five main subjects: Cardio respiratory fitness, Muscular endurance, Muscular strength, Flexibility Body composition. You cannot do any justice to the time spent working out or the calories burnt if they do not lead to any kind of progress […]

YOGAASANA helps in Digestive Discomfort

Due to lifestyle and eating disorders, digestive problems are caused. The problem of constipation is also related to this. Trouble taking sleep, stress, junk food, and drinking less water also cause problems. These are following yoga exercises to helps in digestion. Shashankasana: Sit straight on your folded legs. Raise your hands vertically so that Your […]

Draw Your Thoughts

Before we invented language, we communicated and thought in images. But for many centuries, words have been our primary way to communicate. And that’s why we also think in words. When I think, I talk to myself. And when I take notes, I also talk to myself. “Create a chapter about drawing your thoughts,” is […]